Briatore, Translated. . . AH-gain.

I can’t think of annny possible reason I would need more money. . .None at all.

Flavio Briatore has backtracked on his claims that Christian Horner has no control at Red Bull, adamant the team boss has done an “excellent” job.

Weighing in on Red Bull’s saga from Sunday’s Malaysian GP, the former Renault team boss said Sebastian Vettel’s flouting of the orders was “proof no one is in charge at Red Bull.”

Speaking to RAI Radio, the Italian added that “Christian didn’t even have the strength to get on the podium because they’re terrified with a driver in charge instead of the team manager.”

“The fact Christian didn’t go on the podium after scoring a one-two says a lot about his weakness compared to the others.”

The 62-year-old has now backtracked, with his office releasing a statement saying his comments were ‘misinterpreted.’

Briatore added: “I have known Chris for many years and we have always enjoyed a great working relationship.

“Besides considering him a good friend, I have a lot of respect for him professionally.

“As a team principal, I think Chris has done an excellent job not only for Red Bull, but for Formula One in general, and he is still undoubtedly doing so.”

Briatore – “Ugh, I forgot the part where I might need to keep ballin’ like a playa. Hatas gon’ hate, but playas gotta play. And, when players are just getting off a ban from the game and they need homies to let them back into the game so Elisabetta can stay stocked in thongs. . Thong are not cheap, yo! Anyway, I kinda cracked outta turn the other day. Love you all. Perhaps you’ve an opening, soon, on a team. I promise to always get that fourth, pesky, tire on there real good.”

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