Como Se Dice “Mentiroso”?

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“I don’t regret anything at all,” explained the Mexican. “If they told me before we signed I would be in this position I would have definitely [still] signed with the best team.

Sergio Perez

You can, in fact, hide your lying eyes.

“For me, McLaren is the best team and after joining the team I am so happy. I prefer to be in this position with McLaren than at any other team and winning.”

PER: I fucking regret everything I’ve done since Hamilton confided in me – at the F1 Semana Santa Party – that he was thinking about leaving McLaren for Mercedes and I started thinking, “Well, if that dumb lymie bolts like the fresa he is, I’m on that shit like flies on carne colgando en el mercado!” And, sonofabitch, if it didn’t work. So, here I am, at McLaren and, dios mio, does their car mamar! Riiight, I’d rather here than with with any other team and winning. I’d rather be cantando Oaxaca, than having to smile while spewing this bullshit about being happy. I’m going to need to do, like, five miercoles locos at Christine’s in Ixtapa and make out with, like, 14 ugly gringas to get over this shit and we are only two races in. At least with Sauber, it was all “Can you believe how well Perez is doing with Sauber?!”. Ya la cargaste, Martin.

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