Grosjean, Translated

You guys said you were going to give me a chassis just like Kimi’s! Where’s the zoomy-zoomy busted nose and smashed wing?

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Romain Grosjean will get a new chassis for this weekend’s Bahrain Grand Prix as he continues to try to get on top of his problems.

The Lotus driver has struggled with the handling of his car and has been unable to match the pace of his team-mate Kimi Raikkonen, especially in race conditions, where Grosjean is finding it very hard to make his tyres work properly.

In order to rule out any car problems, AUTOSPORT has learned that Lotus has decided to bring a new chassis for Grosjean at Sakhir.

Grosjean said on Thursday in Bahrain that his confidence was still high despite his issues, but conceded finding the right operating window for the tyres is proving harder than in 2012.

“If the car is where we want we should be fine. The confidence is there. I just need to put everything together,” said the Frenchman.

“I think the tyres are more difficult to get into the window than last year’s ones and if you are out it’s a disaster.

“Since we have little time of running it’s always hard to find the right one for the race.”

GRO- Ok, ok, I know you guys brought me a new chassis, 1. Because I asked because it CAN’T be me that’s the problem and 2. Secretly, you want to prove to me that the problem is me. Ok, one more thing, one more thing: would anybody mind if I take a hammer to the nose and front wing? I told you I wanted one JUST LIKE KIMI’S!!! 

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